Assignment – Three Type Faces

Three type faces I found particularly interesting:

  1. Courier (this typeface kinda reminds me of an old type writer style. It’s semi-difficult to read but I like the style)
  2. Haettenschweiler (I like the comic book feeling of the big narrow bold letters in this font)
  3. Harlow Solid Italic (I like this style cause it’s an easy to read cursive/italics type face)
  • Though I like these typefaces, I would never use them for reading purposes.
  • I would use these type faces solely for graphical purposes (material that doesn’t need to be legible).



Project 4 – Visual Music

Here is the Rain animation (used in the video above) by itself. It took a while to create as I had to program the animation within Flash.

this took way to longgzzzz…

Project 3 (Photoshop Metamorphosis Animation)

Assignment 6 – Photoshop Animation

Assignment 5 – InDesign Album Cover

A5 - 1

3 Album Covers




Homework – Mythologies Essays

I must admit that It was quite an interesting experience interpreting the encryption of insights within the four essays assigned. I however, really enjoyed the difference in expression and communication of ideas. Indeed they were as a treat to be interrogated relentlessly by the tongue and then swallowed whole.

The World of Wrestling



  • Wrestling is an intelligible spectacle, not a sadistic one
  • The crowd wishes for the perfect superficial display of pain and suffering, not their real existence
  • In the forearm smash, catastrophe is brought to point of maximum obviousness
  • The crowd wishes for an excess of realism, maybe to escape reality and witness the true heights of emotion & passion
  • Defeat takes up the ancient myths of public suffering and humiliation
  • Wrestling is meant to display justice, revenge, PAYBACK overall
  • The crowd is jubilant at seeing the rules broken for the sake of a deserved punishment
  • Wrestling is a quantitative sequence of compensations
  • Fairness is a genre
  • A fair fight is a controlled fight, passions are not allowed to inundate the participants
  • Evil is the normal climate of wrestling. A fair fight is truly exceptional–suprising the aficionado

Soap Powders & Detergents

  • The relations between the evil and the cure, between dirt and a given product, are very different in each case
  • Chlorinated fluids have always been experienced as a sort of liquid fire: the product kills the dirt
  • Powders on the other hand liberate the object from dirt: their function is keeping public order and not making war
  • What matters is the art of having disguised the abrasive function of the deteregent under the delicious image of a substance such as foam.
  • A lesson to gather from this essay is that of the need to understand competing products may be born of the same business

Steak & Chips

  • the very raw & natural state of steak partakes unto the victor a very real sense of pure dominance
  • steak seems the very flesh of the French soldier
  • chips are the sign of Frenchness

Strip Tease


  • women are seen as a categoy of luxurious objects which surround man with a magical decor, they are romanticized and legendary
  • it is a self-evident law that the whole of striptease is given in the very nature of the initial garment
  • a strippers dance is the alibi for the crime of nudity, and as some might have you believe: impurity.
  • Many justify the condemnation of striptease and sex as a household property, to be had only in the presence of a luxurious wedding ring
  • to wear clothes is to justify & enforce the unenportance of the flesh and appendages (the body)

Critical Thinking Insights

What is the purpose of law but if not to justify the act of punishment or sin against another

the powers that be, setup a system of control so powerful, it’s wonder hidden to all but a few, and for some odd reason, it is those few that hider the liberation of their kind……The Perfect Tyranny

Project 2 – City Story

P2 - 7

Project Description

Taking advantage of Illustrator’s drawing capabilities and Photoshop’s photo manipulation possibilities, create a complex illustration that combines pictorial elements to tell a story about the city.

My Concept

I love the fact that cities bring to the surface so vividly the differences in social class & opportunity…Executives of bank of america and sykes, managers of Hyatt regency, nurses at Tampa general, waiters & waitresses of bars and restaurants, sales clerks at dominos, and then the homeless.

Within this composition I really wanted to delve into the social architecture of the city and the distribution of opportunity between the millions that live, work, & play within these metropolises

Some of My Thoughts on The City


Image Credits

Tampa Sunset – used to trace the buildings
CEO Intense Pose
– used to trace the CEO man behind the buildings
Middle Class Family
– used to trace the family in the foreground
– used to trace the waiter in the backround
Bacteria – the green bacterium image
Bacteria 2 – used as the background image of the composition

Project 1 – Photoshop Personalities

For this project, I was instructed to create three compositions, each representing a different personality. Overall I believe the general difficulty of the project was not very hard but as is always the case with art, it’s tedious.

Fighter Personality

My purpose for this composition was to place emphasis on what I feel is an extremely important concept in life: balancing both our thinking and emotional minds for a competitive advantage in any of life’s circumstances. It is important to exhibit both care and reason in all moments of plight. The extent to which we should indulge in each however depends on the appropriateness of each upon the current circumstance. For example: to be engulfed with rage as a result of some seemingly trivial annoyance.

P1 - 1

Techy Personality

P1 - 2

Crazy/Party Animal Personality

P1 - 3

Assignment 4 – Organic Vector Objects


The hardest part about properly creating the puffin graphic shown below was outlining separate areas to paint different colors onto the bird. Luckily I found the live paint bucket tool which handled the job pretty nicely.

A4 - 1 (Source)

A4 - 1

The Seahorse Experiment

Outlining the seahorse was really pretty easy albeit quite tedious. Although I could have tried to draw the original texture that was on the seahorse, it would have been much too complicated for this assigment.

A4 - 2 (Source)A4 - 2


Did I say before that texturing is hard as hell?

A4 - 3 (Source)A4 - 3