Project 1 – Photoshop Personalities

For this project, I was instructed to create three compositions, each representing a different personality. Overall I believe the general difficulty of the project was not very hard but as is always the case with art, it’s tedious.

Fighter Personality

My purpose for this composition was to place emphasis on what I feel is an extremely important concept in life: balancing both our thinking and emotional minds for a competitive advantage in any of life’s circumstances. It is important to exhibit both care and reason in all moments of plight. The extent to which we should indulge in each however depends on the appropriateness of each upon the current circumstance. For example: to be engulfed with rage as a result of some seemingly trivial annoyance.

P1 - 1

Techy Personality

P1 - 2

Crazy/Party Animal Personality

P1 - 3


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