Project 2 – City Story

P2 - 7

Project Description

Taking advantage of Illustrator’s drawing capabilities and Photoshop’s photo manipulation possibilities, create a complex illustration that combines pictorial elements to tell a story about the city.

My Concept

I love the fact that cities bring to the surface so vividly the differences in social class & opportunity…Executives of bank of america and sykes, managers of Hyatt regency, nurses at Tampa general, waiters & waitresses of bars and restaurants, sales clerks at dominos, and then the homeless.

Within this composition I really wanted to delve into the social architecture of the city and the distribution of opportunity between the millions that live, work, & play within these metropolises

Some of My Thoughts on The City


Image Credits

Tampa Sunset – used to trace the buildings
CEO Intense Pose
– used to trace the CEO man behind the buildings
Middle Class Family
– used to trace the family in the foreground
– used to trace the waiter in the backround
Bacteria – the green bacterium image
Bacteria 2 – used as the background image of the composition


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