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Assignment – Three Type Faces

Three type faces I found particularly interesting:

  1. Courier (this typeface kinda reminds me of an old type writer style. It’s semi-difficult to read but I like the style)
  2. Haettenschweiler (I like the comic book feeling of the big narrow bold letters in this font)
  3. Harlow Solid Italic (I like this style cause it’s an easy to read cursive/italics type face)
  • Though I like these typefaces, I would never use them for reading purposes.
  • I would use these type faces solely for graphical purposes (material that doesn’t need to be legible).



Project 4 – Visual Music

Here is the Rain animation (used in the video above) by itself. It took a while to create as I had to program the animation within Flash.

this took way to longgzzzz…