Assignment 3 – Geometric Vector Art

This assignment was all about creating geometric vector art using Adobe Illustrator. Just for the heck of it I imported my original illustrator compositions into photoshop and applied some cool filters to spice up each comp. Drawing geometric shapes is pretty simple within illustrator, however drawing characters and other more complex organic “things” I foresee will be quite challenging due to illustrators use of anchor points. The fact that vector art can be resized infinitely (down or up) is reason alone to learn illustrator.

Composition 1 (Illustrator)

A3 - 0

Composition 1 (Photoshop)

A3 - 0 (EDIT)

Composition 2 (Illustrator)

A3 - 1

Composition 2 (Photoshop)

A3 - 1 (EDIT)

Composition 3 (Illustrator)

A3 - 2

Composition 3 (Photoshop)

A3 - 2 (EDIT)


Chapter 1 – Excercises

These are my answers for the exercises at the end of chapter 1.

Chapter 1 Excercises

Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

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This is a very, very interesting talk by, author of Stumbling on Happiness, Dan Gilbert. In this video, Mr. Gilbert discusses the brains ability as an experience simulator to synthetically stimulate happiness. We can be as happy as we want to be without the attainment of material things.

Assignment 2


Artpiece Information

View this artwork

Title: {transcription}

Author: Michael Takeo Magruder

Description: This artpiece is a combination of visual and audio media. It incorporates an almost never ending series of images created using a large set of weird characters. As time passes, the artwork fades different images in and out while you the viewer listen in to the interesting sounds of a bbc broadcast along side some scary demon like noises that almost never seem to end. If you spend a while immersing yourself within this artwork, you may find an uncomfortable & somewhat noxious aura beginning to surround you (maybe it’s the demon sounds). Please, before you view this artwork, read the definition of the word subliminal below!

My Thoughts

This is probably one of the most profoundly interesting artworks I’ve ever come across, not for it’s aesthetic however but for it’s interestingly captivating use of sound & image to provoke thought within myself. The sounds arn’t awsome or awards winning, the combination of the reporters, the static, & the demon noises however seem to be a good catalyst for contemplation. Actually now that my brain seems to be working, this art piece seems like the perfect example of subliminal media. It would be an interesting experiment to take some of the demon sounds produced within the art piece and to play them back at a higher speed.

To tell you the truth, I am quite unsure about the exact meaning this art piece is trying to convey. It’s interesting to note that while the audia dialogue is in english, the characters that make up the art work arn’t a part of the roman alphabet. Also, each and every image depicts at least one facet of human existence wordlwide. This I think conveys well the global scope of the art pieces hidden message. Although it seems the main message of this art piece is that of a political nature, I think it must be something more, something deeper. I think this art pieces hidden message is that of problem solving. Almost every image shown is that of some sort of problem happening somewhere within the world. Also, the audio being played is of a BBC broadcast, and as we all know, the news is only interested in the worlds problems(fear & tradgedy is what sells). Like I said earlier as well, this art piece provokes thought–the first step towards solving any problem.

Definition of Subliminal Provided by

  • existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness
  • being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual

In The Begining

Finally, today is the day I not only have my own blog, but I also have something to blog about. Before I begin to ramble however, please note that this is my first blog so please be kind–I’m not an author or a writer.

So what happened in the beginning? We received our first assignment right off the bat: find any image with an subject that can be suitably extracted from the background and extract it. A pretty easy assignment considering my prior experience with photoshop–not so easy however considering the half hour or so it took to actually extract this bugger. For the most part, I used the same processes & techniques to create each compositions. Most of the cool abstract looking images were a result of using interesting & unnatural colors as well as some of the more cheezy filters (I like them).

Assignment1 - GreatWhite

This is the original image I used to create the compositions below.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 0

This was the first image I created after extracting the shark from the watery background in my original image. It’s kind of nice but it’s still a little drab. The only filter used was on the background to make it look more like it was painted (brush like texture).

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 1

This image I created using a variety of different techniques. I was originally going for a mollecular like experience. On both the shark & the background I adjusted the brightness & contrast alot as well as used the curves option. I then followed up with an interesting glowing edges filter to give the background it’s plasma like appeal. For the shark I changed the hue to make it glow & stand out from the plasma like background.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 2

I especially like this composition because I think it represents the mind of a hunter. Strong, bold, and a relentless hunger for the kill.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 3

I think this image is pretty interesting as I was kinda going for a monument type feeling with the concrete shark and the flag like background.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 4

Everybody except for me loves this image the most. I guess it’s because of the logo type appeal and the awsome fluidity of the image. To create this composition, I just liquified my shark object & put it on a stellar jimmy Hendrix looking background.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 5

I really like this image because I think it represents the reality faced by most of the worlds shark species today. Sharks are like gold to money hungry fisherman who are completely stripping the seas of these beautiful, natural predators.

Assignment1 - GreatWhite - 6


Alright, here comes the rambling. Does the great white, most feared of all sea creatures by humans, fear anything himself? Come to think of it, this question though interesting spawns an even more significant question: Do all animals, big and small, have the same capacity to fear and cower away from life as we humans do? Before a great white attacks, does he hesitate or is he completely fixated on his mission. Does nothing else exist during the chase except for the pleasing notion that dinner is about to be served? I highly doubt it! I’m quite convinced that the great white, or any other shark for that matter, is just as likely to hesitate given the right situation. Maybe it’s all a matter of experience?